Shiodome Hall

shiodome hall


The Shiodome Hall has an open-plan lounge with a vaulted ceiling and a gallery space that can be used for exhibitions. Food and drink can be served only in these spaces. Please ask for details. open-plan lounge
Gallery space Gallery space
For piano and chamber music concerts and recitals shiodome hall


In April, 2011, Centre Culturel Franco-Japonais opened Shiodome Hall in the centre of Tokyo as a multi-purpose rental space for cultural exchange and communication between France and Japan for artists who serve as a bridge between France and Japan. External noise has been completely blocked out by the hands of an audio acoustics designer. It is a luxurious space where the sound in the hall achieves a dynamic rendition as if in a private concert. The glass-clad exterior and the soaring vaulted ceilings give a sense of openness and the interior is appointed with a French-oriented daring design. It is a perfect place for holding recitals, concerts and master classes. Concerts in Japan can be held at ease since we have permanently stationed staff who are proficient in French. We look forward to serving you.



Overview of the hall

Area 76㎡
Ceiling height Highest point, 4m / lowest point, 3m
Seating capacity Maximum capacity 100 (70-80 when used as a music hall)
Floors Floating construction

Piano: Steinway B-211 / 1 piano stool / 2 piano stools with backrest / 4 music stands / audio-video recording equipment and projector, etc.

Detailed list of facilities and equipment (PDF)

Architecture & acoustics design Designed by an eminent architect who has designed many classical music halls in Japan